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Workshops and Festival Schedule

  Spring 2019!!

Ritual and Tantric Sex

March 9 and 10

12 - 8 pm

Yogasmith, Seattle

with Jason Tantra of Tantra4GayMen

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A Weekend Of Workshops in Palm Springs!

  • The Nipple Whisperer

  • The Kissing Lesson

  • Intimacy, Sexuality, Sensuality


Arouse Festival

June 21 -23

Velocity Dance Center

Seattle, WA

Early Bird Tickets on Sale Now!

Ignite Festival

Apr. 19 - 21

9 am - 9 pm

Vancouver, BC

Early Bird Tickets on Sale Now!

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Workshops currently being offered by the Menbodied Institute are displayed in the Workshops sub-menu (hover over the word Workshops in the menu bar and it will appear!  Or click on the title.).


Our workshops are for self-identified men of all ages and backgrounds. We typically offer small group workshops between 8-20 men, which include getting in touch with our own bodies through movement and using that as the ground to engage in intimate, sensual and erotic touch with others.


All our workshops take place with consent and safety. We encourage people to push their boundaries, but your boundaries will not be crossed for you.


The Nipple Whisperer Workshop


Some nipples are like electric guitars, ready to wail with pleasure at full volume! Other nipples are resting quietly, waiting for their music to begin. In this workshop, we will explore how to play nipples like musical instruments.

No matter whether you’re a complete beginner or a nipple rock star, this workshop is for everyone. Learn the scale of nipple touch from 0 (no touch) to 10 (ouch!) to find your personal range. Each man will build their own erotic energy while their nipples are played by a variety of musicians. At the heart of this workshop is the ability to listen and remain attentive as we improvise with powerful instruments of pleasure in our hands.

Men Moving Into Intimacy

Men Moving into Intimacy

Tantric Moving Meditations

Lead your blindfolded lover on an erotic journey through a beautiful sun- filled eden. Witness beauty emerge from every set of eyes as you flow down a river of open-hearted men. Ease your body into and out of ever-evolving intimate living sculptures. Embrace enlightenment by embracing every man. This physical workshop will transform you as the creative Tantric moving meditations take you deeper and deeper into a blissful field of pleasure and connection.

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