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Men Are Like Dry Plants

When we rush to water a very dry plant by sticking it under a faucet, we notice pretty quickly that the life saving water we’re giving it flows right through the dry soil and out the bottom. Unless we soak a plant regularly, filling every empty crevice with water, giving it a reservoir of moisture to hold onto, a plant can’t benefit from the water we pour into it. Without enough of this vital resource, it begins to whither and age prematurely.

Similarly, when it comes to sexual energy, most men are like dry plants.

Most men habitually and unconsciously rush toward ejaculation. Sexual energy first gathers in the pelvis and fills our genitals, creating an erection, which is essentially our very favorite pump. We pump and pump more and more energy into our bodies. It feels good but our pelvis area can only hold so much. Our sexual energy eventually comes under more and more pressure. Once we reach the limit of what our body can hold, our sexual energy leaps from our bodies with the highly pleasurable snap of a genital orgasm.

If our sexual energy never leaves the bowl of the pelvis, we fail to harness its power. Unless we learn how to saturate ourselves with it, to postpone ejaculation and circulate our sexual energy throughout our bodies, we will live and age like a dry plant.

But if we intentionally, habitually circulate our energy up our spine and throughout our bodies, we begin a whole new relationship with this valuable resource.

Any resource, whether it be water, money, sunlight, or sexual energy, is empowering only if we know how to gather and use it toward our needs.

Imagine the whole world moving to solar power. What would that do for our environment if we stopped burning fossil fuels!

Imagine if you went from being broke to having a regular flow of money. How empowered would you feel?

So imagine transforming yourself from a dry plant to a saturated plant by holding a reservoir of life force energy in your body all the time.

A man with resources is an attractive man. And this resource is yours. It came pre-loaded with your body.

Many religions have looked upon physical pleasure and sexuality as something evil, something to be wary or stay away from entirely.

Isn’t that a very convenient tactic to use when you don’t want your followers to empower themselves? Get them to believe that the very source that created them is not to be trusted.

Once you have mastered control of your sexual energy, you are in a very different relationship with your life and health in general. What I’m suggesting is not a few tricks and tips to help you be a better lover but an entire frequency make over.

This rise in frequency is not limited to the bedroom. When we raise our vibration by harnessing our sexual energy, it shows up everywhere in our lives, with strangers at the grocery store, with everyone you come in contact with. Spontaneous conversations begin to happen. Some of my students report noticing more smiles coming their way.

Because you are vibrating at a higher frequency others will be lifted by your presence. With a higher frequency and more energy to draw upon, you may notice more creativity and an increase in the amount of energy and enthusiasm for life in general.

Consider working with me. I’ll teach you how to raise your frequency, to saturate your body with sexual energy. There are no supplements to buy. But just as important to note, this is not a quick fix. It takes time for your body to make this energetic transition. The good news is that the process of raising your frequency is built on pleasure. And a whole lot of pumping.

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