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Let's Take a Breath

When someone invites you to take a breath, you can’t help but…take a breath.

In all the yoga classes and workshops I’ve taken over the years, there’s something about the invitation, the reminder to take a breath that has somehow irritated me.

Being invited to take a breath causes an interruption of thought. Sometimes when I am invited to take a breath, I hear the annoyed voice of my ego saying hey! I’m thinking very, very important thoughts over here! Darn you and your let’s take a breath! I did not consent to being to told to breathe! And then I ask myself what was I was thinking about that was so important. I deflate as I realize…well, I was thinking about Kim Kardashian for some reason. So, I roll my eyes and I take that darn breath.

Let’s take a breath is a reminder to let go of whatever story your mind is creating and come back to the present moment through your body.