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Intimacy Bootcamp is Back

Join the Menbodied Institute in October for: Intimacy Bootcamp!

We all need intimacy. Unfortunately, many of us know first hand that a life without intimacy is painful. It hurts physically and emotionally. Without intimacy, we often feel at a loss, disconnected. Lonely. Continually spinning our wheels, reaching toward connection in the obvious, tried and true ways but find they haven’t worked for us. Or we give up trying entirely.

Whether single or in relationships, intimacy can be elusive. Like a unicorn, it can seem impossible to find, but intimacy is real. It is a physical/spiritual/emotional experience, a state of presence and connection. Intimacy is always close at hand. Sometimes all we need are some practical steps on know how to get there.

Intimacy Bootcamp consists of:

  • Four unique, stand-alone classes!

  • One each week!

After Intimacy Bootcamp, you will:

  • Know how to create intimacy.

  • Understand the relationship between intimacy, sensuality and sexuality.

  • Recognize and flow around the barriers to intimacy.

  • Attract others who are also seeking intimacy.

Intimacy Bootcamp Class Breakdown