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Invitations from the Future

I don’t know anyone who has seen a real life alien, the kind from outer space, but if we look at how aliens are typically depicted, they are not the healthiest looking individuals. There is a popular theory that ETs could very well be us, traveling back in time, and without saying a word, their grey, malnourished forms are the warnings they have come to share.

Aliens seem to be saying we may be technologically advanced, but we’re not having any fun. We can’t feel anything. See yourselves in us before your eyes take over our heads because all you do is stare at screens all day. Before your skin turns grey from lack of a sustainably clean environment and healthy food. Before your ability to feel alive with ecstasy in your bodies fades and you’re left out in the cold of inner and outer space.

Their portraits are the projections of our own body-mind, masculine-feminine imbalance over time. The mind is science and technology. The patriarchy. The jobs that make a lot of money. The body is the feminine, the equally important aspects of feeling and nurturing. The positions that go mostly unrewarded in our capitalistic society. Without the masculine/feminine, body/mind coming into balance, fast forward a few thousand years and voila! We’re casting about in the galaxy. Dreaming of a happy home and a feeling of warmth, the gift of walking through a green garden and making love with being alive in extraordinary vibrant, sensitive, intuitive bodies.