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Be A Better Lover Workshop

Be A Better Lover Workshop is a pretty strait forward understated little title. It's not Reviving the Ecstatic Pleasure from the Cosmos! because sometimes we just need a few basics.

Don’t we all want to be better at giving and receiving pleasure? We study and take tests for so many things in life but for some reason being a good lover is something we should just know how to be. Porn is the way most of us learn but is most porn a good illustration of being a good lover?

My friend Ziji and I have been working together for the last few months to create this workshop. We’ve been having a great time as we’ve trying out our ideas on one another! I must say Ziji is very good at many things.

Part of the inspiration of this workshop was to create a simple tools offering on how to keep connected with our partners and to keep pleasure in the flow. We have no secret formulas to teach but more moments of awakening to consider.

Becoming aware during sex is step #1.

  • When we find ourselves enduring something, we know it’s a call to wake up.

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