The Nipple Whisperer Workshop


Mens nipples are a potent part of our pleasure systems.  Some men have powerful connections with their nipples while others have little or none.  In the Nipple Whisperer Workshop, we will explore our nipples in order to evolve our relationships with these enigmatic pleasure centers.


Are your nipples connected to your pleasure system or are they waiting patiently to awaken? 

Do you want to evolve your skill and confidence engaging your nipples and your partners?  

When:  March 16, 3-6pm

Where:  In a private home in Palm Springs

Cost: $95

First four men register for $75.

What to Expect


In this workshop, join in a small group of compassionate, curious brothers eager to explore their nipples and yours.  Bring a sarong or towel and a water bottle. At the culmination of the workshop, each man will enjoy time on a massage table building his erotic energy as his nipples are stimulated by other workshop participants. 


  • Share your nipple stories.

  • Learn the scale of nipple stimulation.  

  • ‘Listen’ to your partners nipples.  

  • Play nipples like musical instruments.  

Rite of Initiation


In order for nipples to get turned on, we visit the edge of pleasure and pain.   There may be discomfort.  But an intense experience (or a few) is what creates the link between the nipples and the sexual pleasure system.