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“Don't let the whimsical title deceive you. The Nipple Whisperer is a chronicle of some serious therapeutic work, work that could not be done by standard therapeutic means. Lui writes with intelligence, warmth and erotic power that enlivens his accounts and places The Nipple Whisperer beyond any erotica or pornography. This has been the most exciting book that I have read in a long time!” - Harvey Nostrum

About the Menbodied Institute

As a sex and intimacy coach, I work primarily with men and couples to free themselves from patterns of isolation and disconnection, to expand into greater erotic pleasure and create the deep intimacy they desire in their lives and relationships.


My heart-centered approach is a powerful synthesis of yoga/tantra, and movement/somatic practices (the relationship between the body and mind).


My book The Nipple Whisperer; and other erotic epiphanies is a sacred intimates guide to erotic freedom, along with my online course Moving Into Intimacy, I have wealth of resources and depth of knowledge to draw upon for your pleasure transformation.

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