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with Jason Tantra of Tantra4GayMen

March 9 and 10, 2019


5917 Airport Way S, Seattle

12 pm to 8 pm

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Ever wondered what “Tantric Sex” is? How does that differ from “normal” sex? What is it in Tantric Sex that can make orgasm last hours? Open to the possibility of experiencing New Sensations and New Energies that you never knew were possible. You are certainly going to learn a whole new range of techniques, practices and explore ways to create “Sacred Space” for those very special moments. 


Rituals are a mainstay of Tantra practice. In Tantra, when we do a “Ritual”  we use intention, specific techniques, and the unique connection between you and one or several partners to transform your experience of sex into something few have ever experienced. Your sexual energy becomes the rocket fuel for a magical and awe-inspiring journey into the endless possibilities of experiences beyond your everyday state of being.


At Tantra4GayMen, we have spent years to design our very own sets of modern techniques and practices that open to new ideas of Tantric Rituals and Tantric Sex. They have worked and yielded consistent results. Many people have had their first glimpse of mystical realms and higher states of consciousness through our rituals. They have to be experienced to be believed.