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Intimacy Bootcamp!

Tuesdays in January and February!

January 24, 31 and February 7 and 14

5:30 - 7pm Central Time


$99 if purchased before 1/11/2023

Whether single or in relationships, intimacy can be elusive. Like a unicorn, it can seem impossible to find, but intimacy is real. It is a physical/spiritual/emotional experience, a state of presence and connection. Intimacy is always close at hand. Sometimes all we need are some practical steps on know how to get there.

Consider grabbing a copy of The Nipple Whisperer as a great read and invaluable intimacy/erotic resource! Lui is also available for one-on-one intimacy, sensuality and sexuality questions and coaching needs.

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Four weekly stand-alone classes!

After Intimacy Bootcamp, you will: 

  • Know how to create intimacy.
    Understand the relationship between intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. 

  • Recognize and flow around the barriers to intimacy.

  • Attract others who are also interested in exploring intimacy.


Intimacy Bootcamp Class Breakdown

Week 1     Intimacy, Sensuality and Sexuality 
Week 2     Barriers to Intimacy and the Sensual Meditation
Week 3     Intimacy Rituals
Week 4    Vulnerability and Intimacy 

Class size is limited to create intimacy.
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