Online Course in Intimacy

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Embark on a course to intimacy.  See clearly the roadblocks that stop you.  Know the small efforts it takes to get there.  Although there is no formula, this course inspires creative new pathways.  It provides insight into the mind of an intimate connection and the exciting role that the body and movement play in taking you there.


  • Discover inspiring new pathways to the intimacy you desire in your life.

  • Easy to Do Movement Exercises

  • Understand the Barriers to Intimacy

  • Creating Space for Intimacy

  • Integrate Ideas into Everyday Life


When we seek intimacy, we embark on a journey.  Over time, we slowly move from one mode of consciousness into another.  From the more familiar, powerful thinking/doing brain to a more easeful, relaxed mind. We also come into heightened awareness and appreciation of the sensing, feeling body. 


The movement exercises are the heart of the course.  Each section includes video of participants demonstrating the exercises.  Voice over instructions will help guide you.  After each exercise, a downloadable list of questions will be provided to help you speak about and learn from your experiences.

When we get a regular dose of intimacy, we feel sweetly connected with life and our relationships. We know a sense of trust and ease.  We feel seen and our partnership feels fed with new energy.  In the intimate moments, we feel grounded and at peace as our fears drift away.


Opportunities for intimacy are often close at hand but for many couples, they can be elusive.  This course will give you the important key elements of physical/emotional intimacy. 


Whether you are exploring a new relationship or one that is decades old, the innovative movement exercises will inspire new ways of discovering your partner.