Becoming Multi-Orgasmic

An Introdution to the Practice

Hosted by Lui Gervais

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Becoming a multi-orgasmic man is a self-mastering Tantric journey.  Being multi-orgasmic is an innate possibility for every man that emerges from harnessing his sexual energy.


Most men bring erotic energy in to their bodies during sex and then quickly release it. By building, circulating and holding on to our sexual energy over time, our energy systems evolve, giving us access to a more power and a spectrum of orgasmic pleasure that most men never know exists within them.
Would you like to become a multi-orgasmic man?  Have you ever had the intuitive sense that your sexual energy has more potential than you may understand?  That erotic pleasure and on-going health go hand in hand?   Does becoming multi-orgasmic sound intriguing?  Exciting?  Life-changing? 

Like getting in better shape by exercising, becoming multi-orgasmic takes time and consistent effort.  Although the process is not complex, it cannot happen in a single workshop.


In this intro course, you will begin the journey to become multi-orgasmic!   

Here are 6 concepts you will explore in this group process!

  • Learn to build, circulate and ground your sexual energy.

  • Master the breathing techniques that fan the flames of your erotic fire.

  • Pump sexual energy up your spine and throughout your body with focused muscular contractions.

  • Visualize sexual energy lighting up your brain and flowing through your veins to every cell in your body.

  • Draw sexual energy deep into your bones.


and most importantly…

Join with a group of like-minded men making the journey with you!   Having others to support you as you focus on the goal of becoming multi-orgasmic is the key element to your success.

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When: March 2, 2019, 10 - 2 pm

Where:  Private studio on Capitol Hill

Cost:  $90

First 5 men to sign up take $15 off!

Email to register!