Be a Better Lover!

Practical skills for couples to energize  intimate connection.


A One-Day Workshop with Lui Gervais

“Pleasure transforms and the greater the pleasure the greater the transformation.” - Tantric principle

Sexual energy is key to our vitality.  We all want to be confident when we are giving and receiving pleasure.  Sometimes we need a little help.  We can all use inspiration from time to time.


Do you feel confident in your erotic life?  Perhaps, you’re not entirely sure if you’re a good lover?  Perhaps you know you need some help in this department but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask?


In this day-long workshop, we will dive into this delicious topic. Explore some evocative ideas and sexy fun experiments designed to inspire our offerings as sensitive, creative, empowered lovers.  


Cost: $160 USD

First four registrations receive a $50  discount!

Next four registrations receive a $25 discount!


intimacy room image4.jpg

When: November 4 10am - 6pm

Where:  In a private Capitol Hill studio,  Seattle 

When: November 11  10am - 6pm

Where:  In a private home in East Vancouver.  Co facilitated with Daka Ziji of Men In Touch

Six Juicy Skills you'll take away:

  • Please come back! Fool proof ways to reconnect when you and/or your partner have drifted away from your pleasure on a cloud of thoughts.

  • Time traveling sounds fun, but... Discover the difference between experiencing pleasure in the present moment and rushing into the futurewhere a climax is happening.

  • Riding the waves. Every position and pleasurable offering has a beginning, middle and end. Sense and play with these cycles to keep erotic energy flowing.

  • Tricks are for kids. Uncover moves or actions that you use habitually, and perhaps unconsciously, that may be creating moments of disconnection.

  • Super-Size Sensuality. Balancing our sexual and sensual offerings in lovemaking creates an exponential shift in pleasure.

  • The immaculate container. Creating the space and time that allows for true sexy confidence to shine!