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The Menbodied Institute is on hiatus during the time of Covid.  Join the waiting list for the new schedule of online workshops and in person workshops as the are scheduled.  Thanks for your understanding.  Looking forward to be with you in touch, breath and transformation soon.

About the Menbodied Institute

“Pleasure heals and the greater the pleasure, the greater the healing.” - Tantric Principle

The mission of the Menbodied Institute is to help men create healthy, open-hearted intimate connections with themselves and their partners.  Founded by Lui Gervais, the Menbodied Institute offers innovative, transformational workshops as well as private intimacy coaching sessions.

The Menbodied Institute workshops inspire intimacy, ecstasy and transcendence through the body in contact and in motion with other bodies.  With excellent instruction and clear boundaries, men of all ages, sizes, races and physical abilities will find these workshops to be welcoming transformative spaces.

Join us for a workshop near you or consider a private session on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

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