Many men and couples go to counseling when their personal lives have challenges.


Talk therapy helps us gain clarity about our problems but when the issues are about touch, pleasure, connection and intimacy there is another approach that can be more effective


Pleasure is a physical experience. Change in our intimate, sexual lives happens through the body/mind or somatic intelligence. 

As long as there is trust and hope, the answers to intimacy issues could be best addressed with a sex/intimacy coach.

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As  sex/intimacy coaches, we work with men and couples of all orientations to help free themselves from patterns of isolation and disconnection, to expand into greater erotic pleasure and create the deep intimacy they desire in their lives and relationships.


Founded in 2017, our body-centered approach is a powerful synthesis of yoga/tantra, meditation and movement/somatic practices (the relationship between the body and mind). In tandem with traditional therapy, our body centered approach brings about the transformation most men and couples are seeking.

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